Finished Product

Safe Check Reception Kiosk

Our Safe Check Reception Kiosk can help assure that everyone entering your facility is healthy and secure. The kiosk uses infrared thermography to measure body temperatures, and prompts users to a COVID-19 questionnaire to prevent the spread of infection.

From a security standpoint, the kiosk can also print ID labels for each employee, visitor, and vendor that include a picture and timestamped data. You can also upload and download essential documents from the kiosk from any digital device.

With Safe Check, you can maintain accurate records, without any additional effort from existing staff.

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  • Fast and accurate temperature measurement

  • Access to all data via a simple to use web interface

  • ID labels for employees, visitors, and vendors

  • Permanent log of visitors and vendors

  • Customizable platform to meet your check-in needs

  • Import employee information to allow employees to check-in with ID #

  • 24x7 customer support